Working as a fitness instructor since the age of 17 and a masseuse for over 10 years after having children, Carlie realised there was not a lot of support for women who had just had babies wanting to get back in to exercise and get control over their lives again. It was all about the baby! But what about the mum?

After having children, even though Carlie was pre and postnatally trained she felt she did not have enough knowledge, even from these courses, to help women. So she expanded her knowledge and went on many advanced postnatal and pregnancy courses which were more in-depth in order to help women at a more deeper fulfilling level. The courses did not stop at postnatal but completed courses in peri and post menopause and hysterectomy.  Carlies passion lies in helping women of all ages and at any stage of their lives. 

Carlie decided to set up her own studio after discovering there were no facilities for mums with babies. Yes there are buggies classes but they tend to be once or twice a week and there is not one designated place which offers classes every day. Also some babies do not want to be in the buggy, and what happens over winter? 

BeMore Studios aims to be bring the community together in health and fitness to create a friendly and accepting environment for everyone.

With a variety of classes throughout the day, including child/family fitness and classes which cater for Mum's and Babies, there is literally something for everyone. 


Mortlake Business Centre
20 Mortlake High Street
SW14 8JN

0203 642 6444

Watch a video about BeMore Studios here