Postnatal Personal Training 

As a mum, helping your body recover from the physical stress of childbirth is no easy feat.

One-Hour Start Right

Our one-hour Start Right consultations will offer you a comprehensive analysis of your current state. Moreover, we can teach you how to reach your goals with; Postnatal nutritional advice, Diastasis and pelvic floor check, Prescribed home exercises, Breathing check and Diaphragm breathing advice.

The session costs a one-off fee of £70.


Book a complimentary consultation 

12-week Postnatal Programmes

Meanwhile, our 12-week postnatal schemes can be designed to deal with those various body changes. All mums are unique, which is why we have individual packages built for your specific needs. 

Core restore and strengthening program

£756 (1 session a week over 3 months)

£280 per month.

C-section core restore and strengthening program

£756*  (1 sessions a week over 3 months)

£280 per month.

Diastasis Recti and core healing

£756* (1 sessions a week over 3 months)

£280 per month.

If paid upfront for 3 months you get 10% OFF. 

*The full price reflects this discount


"There is no where else in the area where you can bring your baby, do a combination of cardio, core and pelvic floor work and stretching, with a trainer (Carlie!) who specialises in postnatal exercise.. oh.. and have a laugh too!"

Tara Scott