Mum & Baby Classes

At BeMore we make classes accessible to mums as we know that you are the people that need exercise the most*. It is so important for your mental and physical health, to get out of the house, to have adult conversations and to take back control. 

So reclaim a bit of sanity and sweat out those frustrations at a BeMore Mum and Baby exercise class. With a different class every weekday, flexible pay as you go and memberships, what are you waiting for? 

Just to be clear, the babies don’t exercise, but there are toys, mats, and even two Jumperoos to keep them entertained while they watch you sweat! 


*‘Exercise can help new mothers manage postnatal depression, study finds’ source The Telegraph, 29 August 2017

Forget Baby Sensory! 

Book a class you can bring your baby along! 


9.30-10.15am - Boxing

10.30-11.30am - Pilates

2-2.45pm - Rep Set Sweat (Starting Monday 28th January)


9.30-10.30 - Barre  

2-2.45pm - Sculpt & Tone


9.30 - 10.15am - FISH 45


10.45-11.45am - Sculpt and Tone

2-2.45pm - Ride & Strength 


10-10.45am - Fatburn Ride