With over 30 classes a week there is something for everyone.

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*Taken by external hirer. Please contact them directly for prices and to book.  



6.30-7.15am - Ride & Strength

7.15-8am - FISH 45

9.30-10.15am - Boxing (babies allowed)

10.30-11.30am - Pilates (Babies allowed)

12.45-1.45 - Pure Core NEW

2-2.45pm - Rep Set Sweat (Babies allowed)

5.45-6.45pm - Beginners Tap*

(Contact kathrynlewis9@gmail.com)

6.45-7.45pm - Intermediate Tap*

(Contact kathrynlewis9@gmail.com)

7.30-8.15pm - Bemore Bootcamp

On Mortlake Green basketball courts

8-9pm - Pilates*

(Contact dominika247@yahoo.com)


9.15-9.45am - Pure Core NEW

9.45-10.30am - Barre (Babies allowed)

10.30-11.15am - FISH45 NEW

2-2.45pm - Sculpt & Tone (babies allowed)

7.45-8.30pm - FISH 45


6.30-7.15am - Rep Set Sweat

9.30 - 10.15am - FISH 45 (Babies allowed)

12.15-1pm - Boxing  

2-2.45pm - Barre (Babies allowed) NEW

6.45-7.30pm - Rep Set Sweat


7.15-8am - FISH 45

9.15-9.45am - Pure Core NEW

10.45-11.30am - Sculpt and Tone

(Babies allowed)

2-2.45pm - Ride & Strength (babies allowed)

7.45-8.30pm - Boxing


6.30-7.15am - FISH 45

7.15-7.45am - Pure Core NEW

9.15-10am - Rep Set Sweat NEW

10-10.45am - Pure Ride (Babies allowed) 

12.15-1pm - FISH 45

2-2.45pm - Boxing (Babies allowed) NEW


8-8.45am - FISH 45

6.30-7.45pm - Yin Yoga* (Contact bengemmell5@gmail.com)


9-9.45am - Boxing (Adults and Junior 5+)

10-10.45am - Ride & Strength

5.30-6.45pm - Yin Yoga* (Contact bengemmell5@gmail.com)


“Absolutely love this place - classes are varied, dynamic and fun and you work so hard. Exercise is expertly tailored to your needs and you feel really well supported. Brilliant local business and game changer for new parents - the bring your baby classes are fantastic. Can't recommend BeMore highly enough”

Alice Buchanan