personal training and nutrition programmes tailored to you.

Vitality Kick Start

Personal Training & Nutrition, 6 weeks

How about a Vitality Kick Start for the Spring?   

Within 6 weeks we will have you feeling stronger, fitter and on the road to a healthier more active lifestyle with one of our trainers and a nutritionist.

A 45 minute personal training consultation followed by 6x60 minute sessions over the 6 weeks to help kick start your fitness journey.  A 60 minute nutrition consultation followed by 5x30 minute weekly calls and food diary analysis, will give you the vital start to your food, supplement and health adventure.


Personal training & nutrition, 12 weeks

Needing the ultimate in rejuvenation? 

Whatever your health or fitness goals, whether you’re feeling burnt out, want to improve your immunity, increase energy, lose weight or reach for a goal, this 12 week bespoke nutrition and personal training programme will get you the results you’re after.

Starting with an initial 75 minute nutrition consultation and followed by 10x30 minute sessions with a food diary analysis, we will work together over 12 weeks looking at your food, lifestyle and supplements, to get you the long lasting results you’re after.  

Whatever your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, increase your energy levels or get stronger your personal trainer will create a bespoke 12 weeks training programme that you will work on together. Starting with an initial 45 minutes consultation and followed by 12x60 minute sessions with your trainer. Your trainer will work with you over the 12 weeks to make permanent behaviour changes that can be continued after the course has finished. 

 You’ll also receive 10% discount on supplements and free 12 week subscription to a nutrition monthly brief that offers practical, bite size information for the busy professional.